The most beloved and visited valley in Kullu district is Parvati Valley. It totally depends on you to decide the tour/travel days and according to which you can choose locations to visit in this valley. You can reach Kullu via, Taxi/Bus or by Air. After then, your Parvati Valley Expedition starts. Here is your small Parvati Valley Trip Guide to Kasol – Pulga – Naktan Village and Rudranag Temple – Kheerganga and Tosh, Manikaran and Malana.

a.) Kasol:

First place to start with is Kasol, You can catch a bus or taxi to reach this place and it is at a distance of 1 h 26 min (37.0 km) from Kullu on Kullu Manikaran road. This is a place where can enjoy your whole day and it would be better if you find a nice and clean place like a Hotel or Home Stay. Home Stays are easy to find here and it will cost be around Rupees 500. It is called Mini Israel of India due to strong Jewish history and heritage found here.

b.) Malana:

Malana, considered as oldest democracies in the world, is an ancient village in Kullu. It is also called the village of Taboos and outsiders are not allowed to touch anything in the village. The easiest way to reach Malana is from Jari till the last road head, from where it is a 2-3 hour trek to reach the village. You can choose Malana as your destination from Kasol which is 1 h 4 min (21.5 km) via Kasol Rd/Manikaran Rd and Malana Valley Rd/Malana Village Rd. The easiest way to reach Malana is from Jari till the last road head, from where it is a 2-3 hour trek to reach the village.

c.) Pulga:

If you not planning towards Malana directly or you have more than 2 days trip then you can choose it towards Pluga – Tosh – Kheerganga Trip, Totally depending upon the Number of Days you have. But if you are planning to move ahead, then take a bus to Barsaini as early as possible and it will be around 48 min (16.1 km) via Barsheni Rd/Manikaran – Barsheni Rd. Then you need to walk /trek 3 kilometers towards Pulga. Once you reach here, check into the numerous dormitories available here. Take proper rest so that you can prepare for the next day.

d.) Naktan Village and Rudranag Temple:

Naktan (also Nakthan) village lies halfway on the four-hour trail from Barshaini to Kheerganga. It is a traditional village with approx 40-50 houses and is only accessible by a walk. Naktan village is situated at 2300 m on the left side of the roaring Parvati river and is a preferred stop for trekking groups and for people who are looking for a stay in a peaceful Himachali village.
There are 2-3 guest houses and homestays in Naktan and some dhabas and cafés serving travellers. Most of the houses in Naktan are wooden, and the temple of Naktan has intricate carvings and seems very old (outsiders are not allowed to touch it, much like elsewhere in Parvati Valley).

e.) Kheerganga:

Next day you will have to hike towards Kheerganga and it will be a 13 Kilometers hike. Yes, it is lengthy but trust me after seeing the end result you will feel mesmerized. You will be welcomed by mountains and a hot spring. Yes, you need permissions from the forest department now, put your camp and with a promise that you will keep the area clean. You have to have your Garbage Bags with you.
f. Tosh: Get back to Barsaini in the next morning and from there, you can start towards Tosh. If you don’t get permissions to go to Kheerganga, then also you can head back to Barsaini from Pulga. From there you can start your visit to Tosh. Once you reach Tosh, arrange your residence for the day/night and enjoy the local sightseeing. Tosh is a very beautiful village in the abode of Parvati Valley. It has been very popular in recent years.

g.) Manikaran:

Next morning when you wake up it will be time to take your steps back towards Barsaini, and from there you will be back to Manikaran. The Sikh Gurudwara and Lord Shiva temple is the main attraction here, also you have Langar in Gurdwara.

h.) Rasol -Chalal Village:

The trek begins in Kasol and crosses the Parvati river on a bridge to the quaint village of Chalal. The path after Chalal becomes steep and narrow but the lush green landscapes of the spectacular valley, splashing waters of the pristine waterfalls and streams, fluffy white clouds mindlessly kissing the hilltops offer much solace on the trek. Halfway on the way to Rasol, a colorful Dhaba appears and Rasol village is hardly 90 minutes away from this place. Mountain dogs are quite likely to come along with you and lead the path; do not get scared of them for they make for pretty good companions on the trek. Stunning views of thick sprawling pine forests greet you as you climb higher and higher. (Times of India)

There are many small attraction covered in the trip. In the end you heart and Memory Card will be filled with memories. Happy Visiting Himachal, Keep it clean and all photographs used above are the properties of photographers, do follow their pages to see more similar content.

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